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Arduino Workshop

Syllabus for Arduino workshop

Chapter 1.

Getting started with Arduino.

  • introduction to Arduino.
  • Setup your computer to use Arduino.
  • Understanding electronics elements – Resistors, capacitors, transistors, relays etc.

Chapter 3.

Serial monitoring.
  • Controlling of LEDs from your computer.
  • Reading analog and digital inputs.

Chapter 4.

Digital inputs.

Chapter 5.

Analog inputs.
  • Controlling of LEDs using a joystick.
  • Controlling a DC motor, PWM.
  • Changing the brightness of LEDs using potentiometers.

Chapter 6.

LCD displays.
  • Wiring of LCD screen with Arduino.
  • Displaying a message in LCD screen.
  • Screen navigation on LCD.
  • Turn ON a LED by entering the password.
  • Knowing the status of the LED.
  • Scrolling of text.
  • Displaying room temperature using LM 35 temperature sensor.

Chapter 7.

Seven segment display.
  • Simple automatic countdown and count up. (FOR loop)
  • Increment or decrement a number by using push button.

Chapter 8.

Servo motors.
  • Controlling Servo Motor with Joystick
  • Indexing of Servo motor
  • Direction control of Servo Motor
  • Servo Motor based Projects
  • Synchronizing 2 Servo Motors
Following FREE Softwares will be given to students who enroll for Arduino Training:
  • - Arduino Programming Software
  • - Arduino Wiring Software
  • - Arduino Simulator
  • - Arduino Helpbooks